Last Camping Weekend of the Season

We camped our last weekend of the season in October. We tried out a new spot and it was great. More private and less people than the other spots. Bonus in our book, we don’t like crowds.

Camping 2020 (4)

Lake is right there. Convenient and nice to look at the whole time.
Camping 2020 (5)

Fish weren’t biting at all. We did paint pumpkins while we were here.
Camping 2020 (6)

If we still had our long camper it would not have fit. Glad to have this small one now.
Camping 2020 (7)

Camping 2020 (8)

We had night time fires.
Camping 2020 (9)

We had day time fires.
Camping 2020 (12)

Chika loved her first time camping. And loved Ashlyn’s bed. Or loved Ashlyn as a bed.
Camping 2020 (1)

Toby loves her bed too. She does have a 3 inch memory foam, so it is the comfiest spot in the camper.
Camping 2020 (3)

Chika is just so stinkin cute. A mischievous, feisty little snuggle bug.
Camping 2020 (2)

See, snuggle bug.
Camping 2020 (10)

Camping 2020 (11)

Toby may be up there in his senior years and has had his share of health struggles this year, but he sure loves to camp still. Loves to go for walks all over the campground.
Camping 2020 (13)


If you are a camper, do you love privacy or parties?

Tent camper, or camper camper?

Favorite thing to cook over a campfire?



  • Cruella November 16, 2020 at 8:08 pm Reply

    Nice spot!

    • Everyday Snapshot November 26, 2020 at 6:52 am Reply

      It was! Hopefully be able to snag it next season a few times.

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