Lake Trip

We recently took a little trip to look at areas on our list to possibly move to at retirement or after Ashlyn graduates. Or… if things just happen to work out and align themselves before that, I won’t fight it.

We have some criteria. Cheaper taxes. Different/prettier landscape. Water, whether that be lake or ocean but we tend to lean towards lakes because we would utilize them more. We like to fish, kayak, paddle board, go tubing, jet skiing and literally anything involving being in or near the water. So yea, lakes not oceans.

When we look at areas, the towns have to have what we need, we’d like a house in the country not far from a lake so a pretty view is wanted. Quiet private space. Not touristy or busy. We’d like it to be drivable to other family, no need to be booking flights. Longer spring, summer and fall, and less winter. Anyway, just a quick trip that involved a lot of driving to cover the most ground to see the most areas in a short amount of time.
Lake Trip

We definitely found some areas we’d like to revisit. We also found some areas that are for sure crossed off our list.
Lakes (2)

Found a couple lakes that are definitely clean enough. And big enough that you can have your own piece of the lake without over crowding. Very peaceful and not busy. We hear it’s excellent fishing here too !
Lakes (3)

If I could find a reasonably priced home ON the lake, I’d give up a country house in heartbeat. As long as the lake house didn’t have close neighbors. But we’d like a 4-wheeler, chickens and wide open space. We keep going back and forth. Such hard decisions.
Lakes (4)

This was a little public access spot. I envision the day I can slowly kayak around the edge of this lake.
Lakes (5)

This is not a black and white photo, it was just crummy weather that day. This town was too small and the lake was really small but private. Very quaint, peaceful and nice but was pretty small.
Lakes (6)

Was very pretty though.
Lakes (7)

We didn’t have time to stop at things like this that we saw as we drove by but if Ashlyn was with us, she could spend all day here. ALL DAY.
Lakes (8)

This just cracked us up. So the water was very high, as you can see how far past the tree’s the water is. But the sign… Road Ends In Water.  Hahaha, no shit !!  I mean, the road leads IN to the lake. Even without the water being high, clearly the roads ENDS in the water. Just made us laugh.
Lakes (9)

The above picture, is also this same lake. Really clean water in this one. But really really hilly to drive around and live in. Also homes are much higher here.
Lakes (10)

See as far as you can see the driveway, then you see the garage door? There’s more driveway that you can’t see. Many of these driveways go what feels like straight down !!!  Some of them were insane ! I sure hope they all have good breaks. Some people parked at the top and had steps to go down. I can’t imagine not be able to see over the hood of your car at all. Some driveways looked like there was no room for any error. Yikes !
Lakes (11)

I apologize for not being more specific on details of our trip. I keep location things private on here but wanted to share the views of some of the lakes on our list.

Hope you are having a good day.

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