Lady with Broom vs. Opossum

So one evening recently, I must have left the garage door open. The next morning we noticed some things knocked over in the garage…..a radio, oil can, weed sprayer. Odd stuff. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

So the next night, I’m up and working late. About 11:30 pm I hear a crash and banging in the garage. Oh boy….that tends to scare you since I know 100% the doors were closed and locked this night. I thought about taking one of the boys with me, but as I look over I hate to wake them from their snoring slumber. Thanks for the protection killer. Then I think, I’ll grab a knife and go out there. Or I could call the cops and wait for them to check it out. Or…I could just grow some kahunas and go out there myself.

I flip on the light and quickly open the door. Bad move I think, everyone who does that in the movies dies, always. I see no one though, just our broom swinging on the nail it hangs on there. Since it’s not “somebody”, it’s got to be “something”. I text Jamie to tell him our intruder must be a cat that got in the night before and is now trapped in our garage. The same exact stuff is knocked over, in the same exact way.  It’s been driving us crazy trying to figure out what has caused the mess, the identical mess, 2 night in a row.

He says, I’ll be home in about an hour, I could check it out. Great, perfect plan. I’ll go back inside and wait.

He says, “But first shine a flashlight around and see what you can see”.  Wisely I open the garage door first in case I meet our little friend. I’d rather not be trapped inside the garage with a scared animal. But I see nothing. I envision a 12′ python up in our shelving…happens on TV. Then I envision that squirrel that jumps out at Chevy Chase (Clark) on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Then I see it. Oh boy. It’s got a funny light pink snout sticking out from behind a cabinet. That does not look like a cat. Then I see the tail sticking out on the other side of the cabinet, and that is definitely NOT a cat tail.

Lady with Broom vs. Opossum
It’s an Opossum !!  Or a  Possum !!  Never knew but these are not the same. Either way it was in my garage !!!

Our next conversation:

Jamie: Hey real quick, move that stuff that is knocked over.

Me: No, these things can be mean.

Jamie:  Nah, only if they feel threatened.

Me: I’m pretty sure I start closing in on it, it’s going to feel threatened.

Jamie: Just real quick, move that stuff.

Me: What happened to you doing this in an hour. Weenie !!!!  Ok, stuff is moved.

Jamie: Now take the broom and see if you can get him to back up from behind the cabinet and chase it out of the garage.

Me: Says the man who’s 40 miles away !!!!

I got the thing to back up, we danced a little in the garage, after a few screams and my lethal broom weapon for protection and guidance for the way out, he scurried out of the garage and I got that darn garage door closed !

And I lived to tell about it. You can be darn sure that garage has been closed each night after that.

Watch your back people. And have a great day.

Ever found unwanted furry friends in your garage or house?



  • Cruella September 5, 2018 at 2:45 am Reply

    OMG, never believe someone who tells you “they are only mean if they are threatened or you mess with them” ESPECIALLY the guy 40 miles away. WILD animals might not like the way we look…they attact UNPROVOKED ALL THE TIME hope you didn’t disturbe the boys. They probably didn’t hear anything over their snoring lol

    • Everyday Snapshot September 5, 2018 at 2:46 pm Reply

      No, no, didn’t disturb the boys. They need their beauty sleep. Took care of it by myself. 3rd boy away from home being a weenie included, lol. Had a pretty strong feeling that if we were both scared and trying to tango in my garage at midnight things could have easily went wrong, haha I was pretty darn nervous and glad it ended well !!! Was just glad I heard him, saw him and got him on his way. Because you know how I go out to walk on my treadmill at 4 and 5 am…..I would have hated to meet unexpectedly that way.

  • Cruella September 5, 2018 at 3:32 pm Reply

    Oh boy I CAN NOT even imagine going out for a walk on the treadmill and running in to him at midnight.

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