Kitchen Update

Finally! Kitchen update post. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long. Here it is finally !
01 Kitchen Before After

Here are the before pictures.
kitchen (1)

kitchen (2)

kitchen (3)

kitchen (4)

kitchen (5)

kitchen (6)

kitchen (7)

kitchen (8)

kitchen (9)

Ta-Da !!!!  We love it !!
kitchen (10)

The fridge and microwave were updated earlier, well before the rest of the updates.
kitchen (11)

I kept the white, gray and maroon color scheme in here, similar to the living room. Mainly because I like it but those two rooms are kinda sorta open to each other. I kept the same canisters, knife holder and counter stuff, just painted them maroon for a little pop of accent color.
kitchen (12)

Like the rest of the house, the floors will be gray in a future project. All cupboards are white. And the counters, light fixture, backsplash and blinds were all replaced with new.
kitchen (13)

kitchen (14)

The gray wall was green like the living room. The white wall was white before. The crappy cheap dingy  blinds were replaced with a nice gray set like the living room maroon ones. They have a texture to them which I love.
kitchen (15)

All trim was painted white. All the rest of the doors in the house got painted white but those are wood. This metal door was gray anyway and not sure we wanted to paint this one. So it stayed the same for the time being.
kitchen (16)

The table is new as well. It’s just an inexpensive table that we liked and the size was perfect. But the frame part of the table top came in damaged. I was dreading going round and round with the shipping company. We did think we could probably fix it, and just put that side toward the wall. But in the off chance they could help me, I contacted the manufacturer. I could not believe it, they were awesome !! They got a new table top out to us within a couple of days, no questions asked. Customer service was fantastic. So a big shout out to Crown Mark Furniture !
kitchen (17)

kitchen (18)

It will really finish it off once we do the floor project.
kitchen (19)

Love the faucet. I can fit big pots and pans under there now! WooHoo!!! Going from one of those old low faucets to a high one like this, makes all the difference in kitchen life.
kitchen (20)

Here are a few work progress photos. We were able to re-purpose part of the old countertop in the garage. So we through very little away.
kitchen counter (1)

The new countertop going in went fairly well but Jamie said the old way of doing the seam was better and easier than this apparent new way of doing the seam. We cut the sink hole ourselves. We didn’t trust that it would get cut correctly or in the right spot and a sink doesn’t allow you much room for error. Since we had the old counter still, we had the perfect template. It actually went well.
work progress (9)

We loved the countertop we chose.
kitchen counter (3)

And we loved the tile backsplash we chose.
kitchen counter (4)

We just didn’t love them together, once it was all in. But after the tile was grouted and things were done, it’s growing on us and we like it better than we did at first. It better grow on us because it’s not getting changed now. It was just really hard picking these 2 things out, from separate stores, from tiny little samples.
kitchen counter (2)

We took all the doors and draw fronts off (and all interior big doors) and used a paint sprayer for them. The frame got done by hand with a brush and small roller. All doors, cabinetry and trim pieces were sanded and cleaned prior to painting.
work progress (1)

We were able to leave most of the crap in the cupboards still.
work progress (2)

Here was the door process. Painting the bathroom cabinets gray was a breeze. Painting the kitchen cabinets white was a bitch. There may be 60 coasts of paint on them. Ok, maybe 3-4.  We even messed around with primer on the big doors and the kitchen doors. We didn’t think it made a difference, as it still took just as many coats of white. We had a heck of an system going. Jamie sprayed, we both back rolled and Ashlyn and I were the door switcher and organizer. Until she disappeared for a break, which was frequent. I don’t blame her, it was a big job.
work progress (3)

I was glad the grain still showed through, I was really hoping it wouldn’t get filled in too bad with the layers of paint.
work progress (4)

Due to humidity, we had to move the drying operation inside. Which was not convenient. haha.
work progress (5)

Ashlyn had the job of putting the draw fronts back on.
work progress (6)

Ahhh, kitchen and cooking life during a remodel. Was not the most fun.
work progress (7)

Things got put back together again rather quickly.
work progress (8)

These are the door pulls we chose. They have always been my favorite. The template they give you kind of sucks, so we ended up creating our own. They all ended up even, so we didn’t do too bad.
work progress (10)

There you have it. Sorry it took so long to show you the results but covid and remote learning happened and you know…. the blog took a back seat for a bit. It was a lot of elbow grease, some things were more difficult than we intended but it’s all worth it. We love the outcome.

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