Jinxed It – No Power

Well hello again friends. Yesterday, January 21st at 7:54 am I posted a winter post and I stated this exact sentence. “Throughout all the storms, wind and dangerous temperatures, we never once lost power and for that I’m extremely grateful.”

Yesterday January 21st at 12:04 pm, 4 hours later. We lost power. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!  I jinxed it and I am so sorry to the 200-300 people that were without power with us. We just now got power back. We were without for 24 hours.

Extra clothing and several layers of blankets, we were fine. Of course, we made sure our little Chika was warm and cozy.

Jinxed It – No Power

We left the faucets trickle to hopefully prevent pipes from freezing. Once ‘someone’ discovered that, it was LOTS of fun swatting, splashing and messily drinking from the trickle. Goofy cat.

Chika - No Power (2)

I’m sure playing in the freezing cold water didn’t help stay warm. haha  Don’t let her fool you, she was the toastiest one of all.

Chika - No Power (1)

Never again will I make comments regarding electricity. haha

Stay safe. Stay warm.

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