January So Far

These pictures are before our second round of snowstorms were even done. So add another 5 or 6 inches, plus we just had about 4 more inches the other day.

January So Far

January so far. Cancel appointments, reschedule appointments, repeat. Go to school, no wait, don’t go to school. Maybe school tomorrow, nope not then either. We might start a couple hours late, or not go at all or we might be on time, we’ll send a mass message in the morning. I’ll quick get some groceries before the next one hits…shit too late. Frigid temps, how lovely. Yes, I’m complaining because I’m not a fan of winter, the bundling up, the pipes and vehicles freezing up, bad road conditions, the extra traffic accidents, etc. But I’m not truly complaining because I know others elsewhere are going through far worse situations. Throughout all the storms, wind and dangerous temperatures, we never once lost power and for that I’m extremely grateful.

Snow January (2)

But having said that…Winter… you can still kiss my @$$ !!

Snow January (3)

I’ll see you all in the spring.

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