This spring while shopping for a few flowers for pots around the house, I was looking for something with a long bloom time. Some stores place their tree’s together, indoor plants together, outdoor plants together, etc. and then some stores have no organization at all. The store I went to was quite organized. I found the one I wanted, a Hydrangea !! Bloom time is great, they look beautiful and sounded easy to take care of. Just thirsty plants apparently.

Once home, I THEN read the whole tag. It’s a shrub, not a plant !!! What I call a plant, is something you toss in a pot to look pretty for a short time and throw it away in the fall. A damn shrub goes in the ground long term! And this one will get 5 feet tall and 5 feel wide !!! So, in the pot it went anyway. I read they can do ok in a pot but I’m pretty sure it needs a bigger one.

Either way, look!! It bloomed and it’s beautiful.

Next time maybe I should fully read the tag while still at the store. But this organized store I was at, should have put shrubs between the tree’s and plants for pots. Not with the flowering house and porch plants. It’s a shrub !! That’s clearly more in the tree family. Haha.
Hydrangeas (2)


How did your plant, flower and shrub shopping go this year?
What are your favorites?
Shoot me some recommendations for long blooming easy flowering plants.


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