Horse Sugar Cookies

We have a fall cookout coming up at the place Ashlyn takes riding lessons and volunteers at. Earlier in the year we thought we’d make these cookies for a fundraiser they were doing and it got cancelled. Due to weather though, not covid this time. We never did end up making them even just for fun.

Horse Sugar Cookies

We just made a real small batch to practice with. Sugar cookies and royal icing can being a royal pain in the rear when you aren’t used to working with it. So we needed a practice round for sure.
Horse Sugar Cookies (1)

We thought a family cookout was the perfect thing to make them for. We’ve learned our lessons from trying new things the day of an event. There is too much trial and error to work through.
Horse Sugar Cookies (2)

The colors were tough. You don’t get brown or tan in gel food color choices. I attempted it mixing it based off of the colors we had and the primary colors that is supposed to make brown and messed it up pretty good. I had a nasty pea green soup color for the mane. Ashlyn came in and saved the color situation.
Horse Sugar Cookies (3)

She got the mane from green to brown. We were wanting a light tan for the horse color but we can work on that for the real batch for the actual event.
Horse Sugar Cookies (4)

Still turned out decent color though. The eye here was done with one of those Wilton Frosting Markers. Which I love, those are so nice. But it was drying out and only got one eye out of it.
Horse Sugar Cookies (5)

So we ended up using the mane color for eyes as well.
Horse Sugar Cookies (6)

Ended up turning out good enough. This one was overtop of the black when it decided to dry out and smush the frosting.
Horse Sugar Cookies (7)

All in all, even though it took a huge amount of time, we have worked out our errors and think they will do just fine for the cookout.
Horse Sugar Cookies


Do you decorate with royal icing often?

Any cute cookie ideas you’ve done with your kids lately?

Enjoy your day and any cookie making you are doing.

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