Horse Lessons – June

Ashlyn is starting her next session of horse riding lessons. Always the best part of her day.
Horse Lessons 2 (1)

She was having a bit of a grumpy day for this one. As you can kind of see in her face. It’s amazing how much of your ‘vibe’ the horse picks up on. When you are having a grumpy day, it reflects in your attitude and movements, therefore the horse may not have the best day either. Kind of gave her a taste of her own medicine and was a bit difficult today. Maybe she’ll learn to be in a better mood, haha.
Horse Lessons 2 (2)

She had a new saddle and the reigns were different today. She said she didn’t care for the change in saddle or having a knot in the reigns. That’s why there are so many saddles out there, you’ll find the one you like best after trying them out.
Horse Lessons 2 (3)

We also had a discussion about her getting to stick with the same horse all the time. This horse sometimes makes kids really work for what they want her to do. They were both (Ashlyn and the horse) feeling a little stubborn today. We tried to explain to her how good this was !!  If you stick to the same horse, that listens perfectly every time, your experience only goes so far. But being a beginner rider and having that horse give her a challenge today, this instructor really got to teach her some new things today in how to control your horse, correct it and get it to do what you want in other ways than the ‘easy ways’. So it was a great lesson today even if she didn’t feel like it. She gains so much more from a horse that doesn’t make it easy. Although, yes, sometimes it is nice to have an easy horse and easy riding day sometimes.
Horse Lessons 2 (4)

So in the end she is quite excited now about learning new ways. And she’s going to try new saddles and ways to hold the reigns. Her and her shyness are a work in progress for being more adaptive. By the end of class, she was in a better mood. Amazing what these horses do for you.

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