Horse Lessons Have Begun

Probably the most exciting thing this Spring. Horse Lessons ! She tried it out last fall and really loved it. So we of course signed up for the spring lessons.
Horse Lessons Have Begun

Right now her pre-riding lasts longer than her riding. She’s learning there’s a lot to know before just jumping on a horse. But she loves it all. Her instructor is amazing. Super kind, great with kids and patient. She’s a wonderful teacher. She also teaches the kids how to have so much respect for these large animals and get them to do what you want or need them to.
Horse Lessons 02

She had a little refresher course on commands from last year. The benefits of horse riding are quite impressive. Let alone the pure enjoyment of it, there are so many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Her instructor loves to use the lessons for the children to escape the stresses of school and busy lives that we all lead today. And while she does that, we enjoy the peacefulness of her farm and country living. Next week we might just bring our bags and move in. The sounds of birds, horses, the country smells…..we miss that.
Horse Lessons 03

Just learning some basics. She was learning to stop and go at the cones, back up, turning. As soon as she’s done riding, she can’t wait to go back. She’s also learning that the kids in the first session get the dirtiest horses from the winter ! haha  She’s got quite a bit of grooming to do before saddling up. She’s pretty shy with her instructor but the second we are to the car, she talks a mile a minute about how much she loved it. A farm….and horses in our future? Maybe. But not for awhile, horses are not the most inexpensive and we want her to finish all the years of lessons first.
Horse Lessons 04

Ok, check these out !!!  Aren’t they the cutest boots ever?  They make me want a pair. I love the weathered look of them too. They already look good and broke in.

Star Cowboy Boots

I hope you all have a good day.

Do your kids take horse riding lessons?

Do you have horses at home?

What lessons are your kids in to right now?



  • Cruella May 9, 2019 at 2:34 pm Reply

    So many benefits from her lessons, not just riding. Love those boots! I want a farm and some horses too!

    • Everyday Snapshot May 12, 2019 at 9:33 am Reply

      Wouldn’t that be awesome ! We would love that too. Can’t go wrong with a farm life. Oh the boots, yes, I want a pair now too.

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