Horse Lesson Fun

It’s getting pretty warm out there but she still loves her horse lessons. She’s been working with this horse the last few weeks. Honing in on some skills that just simply takes practice to make them feel natural.
Horse Lesson Fun

There was one day she had to work a little harder for what she wanted him to do. It was pretty hot but they were in this indoor arena on those days with a great breeze blowing through. But he still tried to stop in front of the fan a few times. haha
Horse Lessons 5 (1)

Things are feeling more and more comfortable for her. I think the biggest dislike is that lessons are 1 week apart. She’d go daily if it was offered. Unsaddling here and getting ready to cool her horse off. Don’t worry, they don’t make them work real hard on hot days. And over a certain temperature and heat index, they actually cancel and reschedule lessons for the sake of the horse and kids.
Horse Lessons 5 (3)

This was fun !!  It was the first time she got to hose her horse off. Her instructor taught her where it’s best to cool the horse off and how to squeegee the excess water off.
Horse Lessons 5 (4)

We think we just want to move in with the instructor. The quietness of the country, peacefulness of the horses….we love our hour spent there.
Horse Lessons 5 (5)

Hope you having a fantastic day.

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