Horse Cookies – Improved

I know, I know, you’ve already seen our horse cookies. But, we’ve made an improvement and I wanted to tell you about it. So you have to look at them again.

We made these cookies for a fall cookout just for fun. Then her horse instructor asked if we’d make them for their Christmas Open House.  Of course, we excitedly said YES!

Previously the eyeballs didn’t turn out the greatest. They were just a small dot of frosting from the frosting bag. We have used the Wilton Edible Markers before but our black was dried out and I couldn’t find them anywhere at the time. JoAnn Fabrics usually carry’s stuff like that and they were in stock online but we had no time for that. Then with this round of cookies, I found them right at Walmart but they only had one. As always, my best bet with just about anything is Amazon with Prime Shipping. Amazon is my go-to for many things these days. So, you can always find the edible markers there, and sometimes at Walmart and JoAnn Fabrics.

We used the black to draw the eyes on which look much better. You can draw on the harden frosting (we use royal icing) just like you would a marker. You can easily shape the eye with lashes. Ashlyn also added a rope halter.

Horse Cookies – Improved

I think we ended up with roughly 70 cookies.

2021_11_29 Cmas Open House Horse Cookies (10)

We think they look much better with better eyes and the halter.

2021_11_29 Cmas Open House Horse Cookies (20)

We have also used these markers before when we made some eyeball cookies for Halloween a few years back. We didn’t know about them when we made emoji cookies but wish we would have.

Have you ever used edible markers?

What other cookies tips & tricks do you know and would like to share?

Show us your cookies!



  • Cruella December 23, 2021 at 7:26 am Reply

    Those look AMAZING. I had no idea they had a edible markers. I have to ask Christi if she knows about them

    • Everyday Snapshot December 31, 2021 at 8:38 pm Reply

      They really are nice !! Much easier to work with than piping icing. They are with the cake decorating not with the baking in the food aisle. She definitely needs to know about them.

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