Homemade Frozen Pizza

We make homemade pizza frequently around here. But we’ve never made homemade frozen pizza. We are going to give it a shot. Made the dough like normal, but did try a new recipe for this one. So I guess that’s not really like normal then is it?

pizza (1)

Let’s just take a moment to talk about Cling Wrap. I get it’s purpose. It sticks to the bowl. Yes, it can be a good thing. But this stuff can piss me off and I can lose my shit in 6 seconds flat. Enough said.

cling wrap

So here we go. It’s on parchment paper and going into the freezer.

pizza (2)

Results:  Before posting this, we had a chance to try it. It was sort of a fail. It was okay, but way better fresh. Dough just wasn’t quite right. We didn’t have to toss in the garbage by any means, but most likely won’t do it this way again.

Do you ever made homemade pizza?

Homemade frozen pizza?

What are your favorite toppings?

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