Helicopter & Airplane Rides

We did something different for Mothers and Fathers Day this year. This is actually offered in June for Fathers Day but since I was really sick over Mothers Day, we made it for both. We went to a Fly In Breakfast. Obviously, you can literally fly your plane in and eat their delicious pancake, egg and sausage breakfast. Most people drive there though.

This year, something was wrong with their plane, so they were not doing those. I have flown in a small airplane like this many, many times but Jamie had not. So he was going to do that.

Helicopter & Airplane Rides

I had never flown in a helicopter, so I was going for that ride. Since the plane was inoperable, we both opted for the helicopter ride. Which is neat and new to both of us. This way we got to fly together too instead of separate rides with strangers.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (2)

This is the chopper we rode in. It was about a 10 minute ride.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (3)

It was much neater than I thought it would be. I’m not sure why but I expected a bumpy bouncy ride that would give my stomach that bad flying feeling. It was opposite. No queasy stomach feeling at all and it was really, really smooth. It was much neater than I had expected. I’d definitely go again sometime.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (4)

Our pilot explained all the gadgets to us and chatted along the way answering our questions.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (5)

Pretty good view that day.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (6)

So speaking of riding with strangers. Obviously, that’s Jamie in the back. My goofy face is because it was so bright coming in the windshield in front of me, I couldn’t see the screen at all on my camera. I had no idea if I got any of us in the shot. Once home, and downloaded the pictures, I see I did in fact get us all in the shot. Oiy, I’d like to tell you that the other guy was a stranger but no, we know him. He’s our friend and neighbor. Good friend actually and always full of shit. If you’re a friend of ours, you better be full of something. haha

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (7)

This was the best I could get of the general layout of the inside. They switch to the next people really quickly. The man up front was our pilot.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (8)

I’d recommend doing this if you never have before.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (9)

I got to be co-pilot.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (10)

Happy Mothers Day and Fathers Day to us.

Airplane and Helicopter Rides (11)

Ever been for a helicopter or airplane ride?

Did you love it or hate it?

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