Happy Birthday Chika

Happy Birthday to Chika !! She’s 3 years old now.

I could have a whole photo album on how many outtakes it took to get this one photo. She’s really good at flipping it up in the air with one flick of her head. haha

Happy Birthday Chika

Clearly she was unimpressed.

Chika 3 - 2

It does not seem like she’s 3 years old already.

Chika 3 - 3

She loves napping of course. Especially in the winter when it’s really crappy outside.

Chika 3 - 4

During spring, summer and fall, she loves hunting ground squirrels, birds and rabbits through the window.

Chika 3 - 4.3

She loves helping Ashlyn read books. (Insert eye roll here). Such a big helper she is.

Chika 3 - 5

She really, really loves the screened in porch. As do we all.

Chika 3 - 6

She loves snuggling.

Chika 3 - 7

Loves horsing around playing hide and pounce. Or just hiding.

Chika 3 - 9

Notice who gets the pillow.

Chika 3 - 10

She really loves what we call the blanket game. This is her blanket and she loves hitching a ride on it as you pull her around. She will come running from any room and do the Flintstone run to just catch a ride. Ashlyn was folding a blanket one time and she thought it was blanket game time. I was bringing a blanket back to Ashlyn’s room and she hopped on for a ride. Loves it !

Chika 3 - 11.1

Worse than a toddler being able to get inside cabinets herself.

Chika 3 - 11

She’s definitely a stinker and a sweetheart all wrapped in to one.

Chika 3 - 12

Happy Birthday Chika. We love you.

Chika 3 - 13



  • Cruella July 2, 2023 at 6:27 am Reply

    Happy birthday Chika

    • Everyday Snapshot July 5, 2023 at 7:14 pm Reply

      She says thank you !

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