Happens Every Summer

I’m Baaaaaack !!!  It’s been a month and a half since my last post !!!!  Can you say sucky blogger?

I’d love to give you a genuine excuse but …. it…happens…every…single….summer. I get so busy enjoying summer in general, swimming, taking little day trips and well…just plain blowing off all responsible adult things. Actually it was a busy summer, but not with a ton of fun things, just very busy things. My step son and his family moved. They had a new baby so that makes two grand-babies for us. We spent extra time soaking up those good times.

We had one big project we tackled. I can’t show you the final pictures until it’s all the way done. Actually I’m not going to show you at all until it’s done because what good is a partial project pic unless you get to before and after. But…we built a deck at the side of the pool and it turned out really good. We just need railings and some finishing touches, then I’ll post about it.

Until then, we are lounging our last few swimming days away.  That’s not totally true, I seldom lounge in the pool. I am usually swimming laps or racing laps with Ashlyn.

Last few swims (2)

We had a very wet spring, a very hot short July and now the weather seems to be tapering off already. NOT a great swimming summer. We are soaking up the last of our summer sunshine rays in a mediocre warm pool. Water temp was 74 today which seems chilly but it was a sunny day so it actually felt really good.

Last few swims (3)

I promise I’ll be back on here more frequently. Until next summer that is. The mermaid and I are not missing any nice days.

Last few swims (1)

I’ve got a quite a few fun things to show you in upcoming post of what we did this summer !!! Stay tuned.

What did you do this summer?

Are you an avid swimmer?

Tell me what you’ll miss most about summer?


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