Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Ahh, looking back over the years at Halloween Costumes. How fun ! One of the best holidays. Let’s take a look down memory lane.

Car Freshner – 9 months old
Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Pumpkin – 1 year old
Halloween 02

Pumpkin – 2 years old (the costume was warm and still fit, so we went for a second year)
Halloween 03

Santa – 3 years old
Halloween 04

Winx – 4 years old
Halloween 05

Mermaid – 5 years old
Halloween 06

Rock Star – 6 years old
Halloween 07

Candy Corn Witch – 7 years old
Halloween 08a

I was Cat in the Hat for many, many years. This year, I went with a Scarecrow. Ashlyn begged her Dad to dress up, just once. He finally reluctantly agreed “if we could come up with a costume” and left us very little time. HAHA¬† Never underestimate us. 15 minutes later….BOOM. Costume !!
Halloween 08b

Leopard – 8 years old and Cat in the Hat
Halloween 09a

Just had to show you a close up of her make up. Done by a popular artist in our area.
Halloween 09b

Pirate – 9 years old
Halloween 10

Monster – 10 years old
Halloween 11

Evil Stitch – 11 years old
Halloween 12a

She was playing around with making an old yucky flesh wound. She did a practice one the night before and it was awesome ! Looked amazing. She had a little trouble with this one the day of Halloween. I thought it was still good but she ended up taking it off before we headed out.
Halloween 12b

PS – please note the background in the last pictures. In the past 11 years (and many more) this is the only snowy background. It was snowy, cold and blowing…but we braved it for taking candy from strangers.

I hope your Halloween was fun, safe and warmer than ours.

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