GOKU Vintage LED Filament Bulbs – Review

Hello everyone ! Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way, there is an affiliate link in this post. As always, there is absolutely no additional cost to you, should you purchase this item.

I recently tried some new bulbs I want to share with you. They are Vintage LED Filament Bulbs from GOKU. They have a vintage design but the color temp is a warm white. These came in a pack of six and I tried them out in several different rooms.

GOKU Vintage LED Filament Bulbs – Review

  • They are a Standard A19 Bulb Shape and the E26 Base Type.  They do come in this shape too.
  • They are dimmable, which is nice depending on your needs.
  • They are 6W which is equivalent to the traditional 60W incandescent bulbs. Saving quite a bit of power there !!!
  • Supposed to have a very long life span. Approximately 25,000 – 30,000 life hours. Obviously I’m not going to wait that long before leaving you a review on them. But I can tell you I’ve been using them for exactly 1 month with no problems at all.

Bulb 01

In the end I like them best in my kitchen. Don’t mind my old style fixture. Those have not been high on the list to update. Since I do work at the table, my daughter does homework at the table, we like a nice bright light in there.

Bulb 02

The first thing I love about these bulbs is that they are instant on. So no need to “warm up” before they are full brightness. I do not have the patience for those bulbs. At all !!  When I flip a switch, I like to see ‘now’, not in 5 minutes. So the instant on is a plus for me !

The second thing I love about these bulbs is that they are the ideal bright light without the harshness.

Bulb 03

I tried them in the bathroom for a bit too.

Bulb 04

The 360 Degree Omni-Directional Light was nice in the bathroom. This means that light is emitted from 4 LED filaments uniformly and evenly in all directions, so there is no spotlight effect. When doing hair, make up or shaving, you don’t feel like the light is shining in one spot. Just a nice bright room.

Bulb 05

This is my only dimmable lamp in the house. It does make a nice soft light to leave on while we are gone, or just to have on without the main light on.

Bulb 06

Even with the lamp shade blocking the nice 360 degree omni-directional light, it was still a great bulb in this lamp.

Bulb 07

I really like it while reading at night. It’s more similar to natural light and easier on the eyes I thought.

Bulb 08

If you are in need of a great set of bulbs, that will hopefully save you some power and just the hassle of buying them so frequently, you should give these a try. They were the GOKU Vintage LED Filament Bulbs. Also available in the Candelabra Style.


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