Glam Jam 2017 Recap

We set off early morning for my first Glam Jam, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski National Conference. I was very excited since I’ve heard so much about it. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I’ll keep my talking to a minimum since this post is long and filled with tons of photo’s. Many of the photo’s were taken by other women in the group, some I’m not sure who took them. So credit from photo’s goes out to all of us.

Here we are, waiting for our Uber. This was my first Uber encounter as well.
Glam Jam 2017 Recap

Here we are, packed in our Uber. Might have been a little too much luggage for this vehicle. It was on top, in the trunk and on our laps. But we made it, with a few laughs along the way.
Glam Jam 02

Just arriving. Friday night is where everyone arrives and gathers, meets each other, mingles, catches up, picks up your packet of information, find where everything is at, unwind from long flights and get settled in your hotel room.
Glam Jam 02a

Glam Jam 2ab

Meeting others from our team. Something about a group of women, working together, supporting each other, all working towards different goals and the same goals and everyone having unique reasons for being here. I loved meeting and learning about these women right here.
Glam Jam 03

We set out to find the restaurant we were meeting at. The funny thing is, this place was only a few blocks away, but sort of confusing to find for the first time. We all had our phones out, GPS’ing directions, but all traveling on foot together. Just sort of cracked me up.
Glam Jam 03a

We made it though. Beautiful place. Providence G in Rhode Island.
Glam Jam 04

Sitting around a fire pit outdoors with good cocktails, food and new friends.
Glam Jam 05

Picture of the whole crew.
Glam Jam 06

I had fish taco’s and they were VERY good. I could have eaten 5 more kind of good.
Glam Jam 06a

Good times gals. (9 second video)

And here we go, let the conference begin. And the fun, holy cow, these women know how to rock a good time and make conference far from dull.
Glam Jam 07

Whoever handles the music throughout the whole conference… did awesome! Loved the tunes played the whole weekend. Some of our group before starting up the first day.
Glam Jam 08

The speakers throughout the weekend were amazing. The ones from the company were informative and interesting to listen to. But the Consultants that spoke about their stories and why they started or why they are where they are at now…..tear jerkers that’s for sure.
Glam Jam 09

Ok, this company is always giving away stuff. Jewelry, money, rewarding the well deserving hard working Consultants like crazy. Love ya Touchstone !!!!  Maybe next year I’ll be up there. No, wait, next year I WILL be up there.
Glam Jam 10

Of course we broke off into groups for training too.
Glam Jam 11

2nd day. Thankful for Starbucks coffee within our hotel.
Glam Jam 12

Then they set us free to check out every single piece of current and brand new jewelry. I could have camped out in this room for several days.
Glam Jam 13

And the extra sparkle scattered throughout….I wanted to bring some home.
Glam Jam 14

Shiny backdrops for photo’s.
Glam Jam 15

Swarovski Crystal Oscar Curtain !!!   This was so cool !
Glam Jam 16

Made for great picture’s.
Glam Jam 17

I really think I need this in my home somewhere.
Glam Jam 18

The food they provided was So Very Good !!! Um, let’s take a moment. Have you ever had Hagen Daz Ice Cream ?  Oh my god, was it incredible. Wow. Really GOOD.
Glam Jam 19

At the mall next to us, we got to go into a Swarovski store. That was pretty cool to check out the pieces they had in there.
Glam Jam 20

Glam Jam 21

Ok, check these out ! A new friend I met this weekend, and roomed with, had these boots. I know, Kick-Ass right !?!?  I soooo need a pair. I loved em ! Well, enough to drag her foot out for a picture of them. I just love these boots.
Glam Jam 22

Speaking of the extreme generosity of Touchstone Crystal, this is 1 of the 4 gifts we all received while we were there.
Glam Jam 23

My fave was the Aurora Boreale Ice Bracelet. The word beautiful doesn’t do it justice. It’s so much more than that. When I wear it, sometimes I just can’t stop looking at it.
Glam Jam 24

Here are all 4 of the pieces we all received.
Glam Jam 25

Then of course, the trip reveal to Secrets Cap Cana in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is what everyone will be working towards for next years trip.
Glam Jam 26

Quick pic of our hotel. Lovely place.
Glam Jam 27

The end of the conference part is now over, but the fun is not.
Glam Jam 28

Love these pic’s like this.
Glam Jam 29

The final night is a wonderful meal and party for us. Loved how the room was decorated.
Glam Jam 30

Just really cool deco.
Glam Jam 31

And sparkly deco of course !!!
Glam Jam 32

Have you ever done this? You dress up and dance/lip sync in front of a green screen, and the camera projects it up on a wall screen and makes it look all cool and wonky at the same time. It was so much fun ! Again, I think I need this at home.
Glam Jam 33

Fun time ladies.Thank you all for everything.
Glam Jam 34

Good bye for now Rhode Island. See you next year. (6 second video)

What a great experience…can’t wait to go back next year. Next year maybe we’ll plan for an extra couple of days, and go site seeing to the places our Uber driver suggested.



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