Gingerbread House

Last month Ashlyn made our traditional Gingerbread house.  Kind of a thing. You can’t really let December pass without doing one.
Gingerbread House

These kits you buy sure are nice. The house is already built for you. Nice and strong, so it doesn’t cave in.
Gingerbread Houses (1)

Comes with own candy to decorate with. It makes it really easy. And they are fun. Ashlyn loves them.
Gingerbread Houses (3)

But for some reason, we’ve gotten away from building them from scratch. Good old Graham Cracker walls and roof, glued together with an obscene amount of powdered sugar frosting. Hand picking your own candy that you’d like to use.
Gingerbread Houses (4)

From scratch is more time consuming, could be more costly depending on your candy choices. But….something about the old way of doing things.
Gingerbread Houses (5)

I think next year we’ll go back to that, and make one from scratch. I know, Miss Crafty here will probably build one looking like the Sears Tower but would be fun to see what she comes up with.
Gingerbread Houses (7)

Ta-Da ! The final house.
Gingerbread Houses (8)

What else would you do with left over frosting?
Gingerbread Houses (6)


Do you build your Gingerbread House from scratch?

Or from a kit?


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