Fun Foam Kids Project

We learned about this really, really fun foam project from the Family Museum a few years ago. It provides hours and hours of fun. At least it does for Ashlyn, she loves creating and crafting.

I’m not sure if it works with those curled foam peanuts, but it works perfectly with these straight ones.
Foam Project 002

You get a towel or paper towel and saturate it with plain water. We use a spray bottle to keep wetting when needed. Note: if you get the foam peanut too wet, it won’t stick. It has to be just damp.
Foam Project 004

Then you just start sticking them to each other. That’s it.
Foam Project 003

And the imagination comes up with so many things to build.
Foam Project 005

They stick great side to side or end to end or end to side.
Foam Project 006

I mean they really stick together.
Foam Project 007

Tell me all about the inexpensive fun crafty things you do with your kids. We love new things to try.

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