Fun Days – Animals – Ice – Lotsa Pics

That time of summer again when all the small towns have their Fun Days. Always such a good time for all the kids. 

This face paint lady is phenomenal. She does an amazing job. And the make up she uses does not sweat off. She goes from this green and yellow smudge.

fun days 2017 (1)

To an amazing Dino-Eye.

fun days 2017 (2)

This kid just loves these petting zoo’s. Anyone needs a farm hand to help with your animals, this is your girl.

fun days 2017 (3)

Deep conversation. Or nostril inspection.

fun days 2017 (4)

She loved the pot belly pigs and there constantly twirling tails.

fun days 2017 (5)

And the games where we bring home 5 million prizes from.

fun days 2017 (6)

One day, one llama is gonna hock that nasty loogie and she might not be so chummy with them.

fun days 2017 (7)

Softest bunny ever! (possibly the laziest too)

fun days 2017 (8)

fun days 2017 (9)

fun days 2017 (10)

fun days 2017 (11)

fun days 2017 (12)

It was so hot for the bouncy houses but they still had fun.

fun days 2017 (13)

Now this, we NEED this at home. I played several rounds with her. We neeeeed one.

fun days 2017 (14)

And when someone dumps out their cooler ice…on a hot day…

fun days 2017 (15)

you try to throw it down your Dad’s shirt !!!  Actually she already had at this point, the war was on in this picture.

fun days 2017 (16)

Hope you are all having a great day and staying cool if your temps are hot too.

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