Fruit, Chika, Pool, Bunny, Easter Eggs

Just a little catch all randomness this morning.

We had to wait out our chilly spring but so far summer has been good for swimming.  Except for the last couple days, but we are getting some much needed rain so I’m not complaining. Much.

Fruit, Chika, Pool, Bunny, Easter Eggs

Fresh fruit has been really good lately. Some of my 3 favorites. Strawberries, blueberries and bananas. I like all fruit though really, these are just easy and quick.


This past year we got these liquid dyes that go in a tiny spray bottle. I think the idea is good but they were not our favorite. Very liquidy, very messy. Other methods have been better.

Easter Egg Decorating (1)

Did have a few that turned out good but probably won’t get them again.

Easter Egg Decorating (2)

Several run or muddle together and was hard to grab & turn without touching something dripping. We played with spraying it lighter and heavier. I wouldn’t recommend for small kids, just my opinion. We used the plastic eggs that are very matte. I would guess this would not be great for real eggs with a shinier coating.

Easter Egg Decorating (3)

Back in the spring when we were getting too much rain, Ashlyn left these strings out on the porch while we left somewhere really quick. It down poured while we were gone, and she set them out on this towel to dry overnight. Guess who thought it was a great spot to rest.

Chika on String

Walking back home for a baseball game the other night I about stepped on this little guy! Luckily, I didn’t. I was glad that even after a picture he stayed there in his little hiding spot.

Baby Bunny

Hope you are all enjoying your summer days.


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