French Toast with a Twist

Okay people. Here’s the deal. I just deleted and scrapped my “Recipes” page. CLEARLY it wasn’t meant to be since I only had one in there since I’ve started this blog.  I thought it would be better if you would like to browse through my many, many customized and highly anticipated swanky dishes… can just click on Recipes under Categories in the right hand side bar and view both of them.

Let’s get on with it. Oh MY-Lanta ! You’ve got to try this. This French Toast deserved better picture’s than my little cell phone can manage. But as usual I didn’t think about photo’s until I was cooking and the cell was quickest. 

The secret weapon is……drum roll please……a Croissant !!!  And you must say it with a British accent like I am right now. It makes it sound so much fancier. And it’s hilarious when your kid tries to repeat you too. 

Cut the croissant in half. Make your french toast mixture as you normally would. You know, eggs, milk, whisk it.

Dunk it and toss ‘er in the skillet.
french toast (2)

Flip ‘er.
french toast (3)

There it is. Such a yummy way to spice up your French Toast life. I had nothing fancy like strawberries or powder sugar. I just went with plain old syrup.
french toast (4)

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