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Is there really anything better than a good cantaloupe ?  Wish I could have awesome tasting cantaloupe all year long. Love it !


Do you ever make that cucumber, onion and sometimes put in tomato salad ?  I like it, but dislike the 10 seconds it takes to measure out the vinegar and sugar and figure out the ratio per how many cucumbers you have. If you just dump Italian Dressing on, it’s just as good !! Quicker and easier too.

cucmber salad

Ashlyn’s cake she made during our last tornado watch.

Ashlyns Cake

Have you ever tried these Rachael Ray spoons ?  That are quite nice to sit on the edge or a pan. Avoiding that spot that always ends up on your counter and the dripping all over. Seems like it will fit most any pot or pan too. I really liked it !!

Racheal Ray spoon

So I’m on this kick to make my own granola. I’m in the trial and error stages. If it pans out, I’ll share it with you. This batch was ok and decently good, just not shareable yet.



What good food are you making today?

What are you having for supper tonight?

Bake anything good lately?

Success with granola?


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