Foam Canon

Our library kicked off their Summer Reading Season with a bang from a foam canon!!  Had a great day for it.
Foam Canon

There was foam, beachballs, hot dogs, juice, music, dancing and a whole lot of fun!!

Foam Canon (5)

If you ever have one of these at your event, do not miss it. I got it in too. It can burn your eyes just a pinch. Many kids wore goggles. They all had a blast.

Foam Canon (4)

These science companies have foam canons, bubble activities, workshops and so much more. They make science fun for kids.

Foam Canon (3)

This foam didn’t disintegrate away too quick either. It also made it look like you had a foam hat or shoes on.

Foam Canon (2)

The light breeze helped take the foam in different directions, but I could see a real windy day being a problem.

Foam Canon (1)

Enjoy your summer reading programs. We sure are. Our library is just the best! They know how to throw a kickoff party!

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