Foam Block Kitchen – Review Update

I previously did a review awhile back on these Play Foam Mat Pieces and just wanted to update that she still loves and plays with them very frequently. And it’s amazing to me that she still finds new things to build with them. 

The favorite has got to be little houses to play, such as tent type stuff. 

Today though, we have a kitchen ! And Spencer is her best customer since she’s using real food. 

foam block kitchen (1)

It would make it easier to share picture’s if she’d wear clothes though. I don’t think Spencer bothered to read the menu, he did ring the bell though.

foam block kitchen (2)

foam block kitchen (3)

Another idea we love is to tape brown packaging paper to the floor. It’s hours and hours of drawing and coloring fun.

foam block kitchen (4)

What ideas do your kids come up with for fun?

Do you have foam blocks like ours?

If your kids are couped up today, what did they do to keep busy?

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