Flowers and Plants

I’m back!! Just in case you all thought I fell off the face of the earth or stopped the blog all together.  I did not. Just typical excuse, busy busy and not many interesting things going on to share lately. The blog is the first to suffer. I hope you have all been well and are seeing signs of spring wherever you live. We’ve had a chilly spring so far and I am wondering if we’ll ever be able to open the pool. This is the time of year we think about that and so far, we are not thinking about that.

So in the meantime, Ashlyn and I went to a Spring Banquet at our church and got to each take home a few flower. They are in actual pots now. Lots of good color to brighten up our porch area. We’ll see how long I can keep them alive. Things tend to suffer here. Either too dry or too wet. Never seem to find that sweet spot in the middle for watering things.
Flowers and Plants

A few weeks ago, my aunt gave me a tomato plant. Again, we’ll see how it goes. Couple years ago, I think I over cared for it. I got tomatoes but it just didn’t look great towards the end. So far, this one is looking great. I did hop back on google to revisit tips for growing tomato plants in containers.

Spring Plants (1)

Once I got some potting mix, I moved it to a larger pot. Which google said to do as far as size. Plant it in the largest pot you are able to. It’s grown since this picture and looks amazing right now. Will keep you posted if any of you would like to take bets on how long it’s little life will last.

Spring Plants (2)

Hope your spring and planting season are off to a great start!

What kind of flowers do you like? (I prefer hardy and last all spring, summer and fall.)

What kind of container gardens do you plant? (Open to good tips)

Do you have a pool to open this year?


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