First Day at new School

Ashlyn was so very nervous to start a new school. She makes friends easily, but any change is always hard and making all new friends is different and a new one here and there from the park and such. When we registered her, everyone was very nice. We briefly met her teacher and she seems great. She’s got a much larger number of kids in her grade than she’s used to, but they keep the class sizes small which she is used to.

Her first day at school. A sparkly outfit and freshly painted pink nails. What else do you need?
First Day at New School (1)

One of the big changes is her day is starting much earlier and last much later than she’s used to. Here we are waiting for the bus. We were out about 10 minutes early so we didn’t miss it on the first day.
First Day at New School (2)

Daylight came pretty quick. But it was -2 degrees on her first day and -18 on her second day. Brrr. We waited in the warm running car on the second day.
First Day at New School (3)

She was so excited about riding the bus. It was everything she thought it would be. She loved it. The bus driver is very nice as well.
First Day at New School (4)

She had a great first day and talked quite bit about it in a very happy positive manner. She told me about everything that was the same and different from her old to new school. She was ready to go back the second day so that’s good. She’s got 5 kids in her class that have the same name as kids in her previous class, so she thought that was pretty neat. Even though she was quite nervous and shy, she thought the “new kid” treatment was pretty cool and wanted to know how long she gets to be the new kid. 


  • Jan January 29, 2015 at 4:47 pm Reply

    Glad she's doing so well in her new school! I take it they don't cancel for cold weather up there? She looks adorable in her "first day" outfit. Hard to believe she's in school!

  • Everyday Snapshot January 29, 2015 at 6:11 pm Reply

    I know ! It really does go quick like everyone told me. And I'm not liking it one bit ! They did cancel when it hit -38. And they only go outside for recess if the wind chill is above 0. BRRR. Cancellations are a little more lax than home. The bonus is there is a decent "kids size" hill right behind the playground at school. They get a ton of sleds out, so sledding is a big part of recess. How cool !

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