Fireplace Insert

Yesterday we didn’t have the fireplace insert in the tv stand yet and I wasn’t sure when we’d get it in. I should have waited for yesterday’s post so I could have shown you what the whole thing looked like.

We had the tv stand a few weeks before the fireplace arrived. Then when it arrived, we just had it sitting on the floor to make sure everything worked before installing it. But up until then, Miss Chika was our tv stand insert. She used that as her little cubby hole with her toys. Goofy cat.

Fireplace Insert

We kicked her out and installed the electric fireplace today. It fit perfectly, so was just a matter of screwing it in. Here it is. We love it.

TV Stand Fireplace (2)

We are still having extremely high winds and very cold temps. Hope you all are staying warm, safe and not going out unless it’s necessary.


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