Field Trip to Orchard

Oh LORDY, one of the things I love most about the approaching season is apple orchards. Any orchard!  A- got to visit one for a field trip this year and I went along as a chaperone. This is an orchard we’ve been to many times in the past, but the neat tour for the kids showed her and I both a side of it that we’ve never seen before. It was really neat. And the tour dude was so kid friendly with little silly jokes and making them laugh throughout. I even learned quite a few things. See below for the most exciting tip to keep your apples fresher longer. I could be the only sheltered soul that didn’t know this, but I will share it anyway just in case. 

We had a sudden cold snap this day and we were not prepared at all. We could have used hats and gloves, but since we went from the 80’s to the 50’s, our warm clothes were still packed away in the garage. Somewhere. 

These are the 3 cutest little Musketeers ever !

orchard (2)

She dug in for the perfect apple. Each student got to pick 2.
orchard (3)

After that machine back there squishes the apples to smithereens, you are left with this fine dry particle pieces from the apple that they in turn, put right back in the orchard for fertilizer. If I have that wrong, don’t judge. Sometimes I listen about as well as the kids do.
orchard (4)

orchard (5)

orchard (6)

One of the best hills to roll down. Even if it was 50 degree’s, damp and will probably get sick because you’re mother didn’t dress you properly….it’s just too fun.
orchard (7)

Never seen this spiderweb thing before. Kids seemed to really like it.
orchard (8)

Apple Freshness Tip:  If you are like me, which God help you that you’re not, say you buy apples from the store, set them on your counter and hope they are eaten by the end of the week before going bad. Or say you buy them right from a Farmers Market or Orchard, and get a little longer out of them. 

Did you know, you should not leave them out on the counter? No! You should actually keep them in your refrigerator. Here’s the important part. Keep them in a box, perforated bag or sack of some sort. Something that gets air and is not sealed tight. Then put a couple tablespoons of water in. Obviously if you have a large quantity of them, maybe a little more water. Anyway, the coolness, and water will keep them moist and crisp and will last MUCH longer. Also, you should remove any with holes or nicks in them. Eat them first, or just keep them away from the whole perfect ones. He said every type of apple is going to be different for how long it will last. Or maybe it was Google that said that. Obviously I didn’t believe the apple orchard tour dude, because I googled it as well when I got home. Sure enough, he was right. Some varieties can last several weeks, and some will last 6-8 weeks or longer !!!!!  

So I obviously tried this. So far, still fresh. So far, they are crisper and juicer. I’m just simply happy with lasting longer. 
orchard (9)

This is not my opinion. This did not come from the orchard. I found this on the internet for this type of storage method.
Tart, thick-skinned apples like Jonathans, Rome, Melrose, Fuji, and Granny Smiths are usually your best bet.
Sweet, thin-skinned apples, like Red Delicious or Golden Delicious, do not generally do as well.”


  • Jan September 21, 2014 at 1:50 pm Reply

    I love orchard visits too! That looks like so much fun. I didn't know you were supposed to keep apples in the refrigerator. That's interesting!

  • Everyday Snapshot September 21, 2014 at 4:06 pm Reply

    It was all very interesting. I think I got more out of it than the kids. They keep all their apples in this huge refrigerated damp building. They are all crated and stored from floor to ceiling. All very cold and wet. They keep apples for up to 6 months that way (they have the perfect temp and perfect dampness). They even told us how to freeze them for up to a year without them browning at all.

  • Loftus November 20, 2014 at 12:27 am Reply

    I didn't know about the trick to putting them in a bag with water. Thanks for sharing!

  • Everyday Snapshot November 20, 2014 at 3:36 am Reply

    It's great. I've been doing this ever since and it really works great. I use my salad/veggie keeper thing for the apples if it's not in use. I need to get another one I guess.

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