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Ashlyn is getting an eye for a good picture. She was in the living watching TV while I got my coffee and such. She was up waaay to early. I like to have at least one cup of coffee before anyone else gets up. Anyhow, she yells “MOM, you better get in here and take a picture of this, I think you’re going to like it!” Even that early, there was a pretty tree reflection on the skating rink.


We can never ever build another snowman without these words flooding my head…
Do you want to build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play!

Snow Snow Go Away, Come Again Another Day.
I’m waiting for the first warmish day where they don’t do the 3 legged frozen foot walk and we’ll be going to check out the dog park near us. 
dogs snow go away

Lost her 3rd tooth. One of the front ones. This sucker held on good. For well over a month. I pulled it out and couldn’t believe how hard I had to pull.
front tooth 1 (1)

front tooth 1 (2)

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