Fall Photo’s

It has been awhile since I’ve attempted to get any decent photo’s of Ashlyn. One day we went to a park nearby and the next day we took advantage of the hazy fog by some train tracks and a canal. 

Boy professional photographers earn every penny they charge for children’s photography. Every stick, pebble or leaf is a total distraction. Ashlyn is 6 and I learned real quick to just go with it 6 years ago. You’ll get better picture’s if you just let them play. But oh my, the amount of screw around and weird faces we get is unbelievable.

For every one of these.

I get 25 of these.  I kid you not, those are real numbers.
tracks canal (20)

I uploaded a bunch to the Snapshots page. I kept several of the goofy faced ones in there to prove my point, and it’s just funny to remember too. There would have been a lot more of the goofy faced ones, but I had to rush her since we were limited on daylight this particular afternoon. 

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  • Jan November 10, 2014 at 11:56 pm Reply

    The second one is hilarious! What a cutie. Photos are definitely SO exhausting! 🙁

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