Fall Cookout at the Horse Farm

This was supposed to post about a month ago, not sure why it didn’t. Oh well, here it is finally.

Had the annual fall cookout at the horse farm recently. Which was so nice since last years was cancelled due to covid. They don’t have lessons in the winter here, so it’s really nice to see the families, the people who run it and the horses in a relaxed setting before heading in to winter. We all bring a dish to pass and cook hot dogs over the fire. The kids paint pumpkins if they want.  It’s a great time.

Fall Cookout at the Horse Farm

Ashlyn got asked to show the other kids how to braid a mane. She does this one fancy braid. I think the younger kids would have been happy with a regular straight braid. Which she did at first to show them. Then ended with his famous mane braid.

I can’t show you too many pictures from the evening because there were so many other people in the photos. But rest assured, it was a fun time.

Mane Braiding 2

She looks so pretty !

Mane Braiding 3

This is the horse Ashlyn has been riding recently.

Mane Braiding 4

Oh my goodness and this sweet girl is the cutest little peanut ever !!! She’s their miniature pony. She’s just so sweet and captures the attention from everyone.

Mane Braiding 5

Hope you are enjoying all of your fall and year end events.



  • Cruella December 1, 2021 at 12:43 am Reply

    Great pictures. I wish I could have done something like these horse lessons when I was a kid. They look fun and I love how she braided the mane. That little guy looks so sweet

    • Everyday Snapshot December 1, 2021 at 9:58 am Reply

      Oh me too! I would have loved horse lessons as a kid. Actually, I would love them now but they stop at this place at 14, haha. Oh the little mini is so very sweet and they just added a baby recently !!! We got to meet her last week. So cute!

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