Fair – Movie Night

We were able to get the fair in before school started. Few furry-babies at the petting zoo there.

She did her chores to earn a bag of goodies.

Fair Movie (2)

She’s up there somewhere.

Fair Movie (3)

This is one of the hardest rides to get a picture. Those swings really zip around there.

Fair Movie (4)

The back seat, which goes the highest, is always the best !!

Fair Movie (5)

McGruff the Crime Dog was hanging around for awhile. But someone was to shy to get a picture next to him.

Fair Movie (6)

After a long day at the fair, we grabbed some pop corn and headed to a nearby town movie night.

Fair Movie (7)

They played Sing. We’ve seen it before but really like it, so we were ok watching it again. Because who can pass up a fun outdoor movie night.

Fair Movie (8)

Were you able to get to a fair this summer?

Like outdoor movies? Whats the last one you saw?

Do you like spinny rides at the fair?
I don’t mind up and down, or roller coasters but if it spins….forget it !!

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