Emoji Cookies – Updated

Hi guys !! I am updating our emoji cookies and giving you the tips to improve the flaws we had last time. We did have one more hiccup this time, but we know how to fix that too. Our third batch next time will be really good since we finally know what we are doing! I think….
Emoji Cookies – Updated

You will need candy melts in at least yellow. Will save you a lot of yellow food coloring to get it bold and vibrant. You can use colored candy melts for the face decorating as well, we used royal icing and colored it on our own. So back to what you will need. Candy melts, crisco, possible royal icing and gel food coloring, piping bags, tips, styrofoam board, oreos (vanilla), the long sticks and individual wrapping bags if doing that, wax paper but not necessary, double boiling pan thing or a bowl and regular saucepan.
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Having everything out and ready will make it smoother since once you melt your candy, you don’t have to move too fast, but you won’t want to dilly dally either. Important: use the vanilla Oreos. You can see the chocolate ones through the yellow candy melt. The vanilla ones just turn out more aesthetically pleasing.
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1. First up, melt about half your bag of yellow. Add about a teaspoon’ish of Crisco first. Melt it until clear, then add your candy melts and melt that down until it runs/drips smooth from your spoon with no thick chunks left. The crisco just thins and smooths the melts out. Melt over a light boil. Once almost done melting, turn burner off. I found this method to be MUCH better than the microwave method. As I tend to over heat it in there and then it turns clumpy and it’s ruined.
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2. Twist the top off of all the cookies. Do not skip this step! Your cookies could easily slide off the stick. Swipe your stick in the candy melt, push it down into the white middle, so that when you put the top back on it sits flush. The frosting will harden the pieces together securing your stick better.
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You can lay these on wax paper if you choose but this step really isn’t that messy. These will dry quickly.
Emoji Cookies (5)

3. Totally missed the picture for this step but melt the rest of the bag of yellow melts. I think total I used a bag and a half for 1 bag of Oreos.  Add more Crisco, melt the rest of the bag of yellow. This step is also very important and not to be skipped! When you dip the whole cookie into your bowl, dip down until the stick is partially covered as well like you see in this picture. By doing that, it will double secure your cookie on to the stick. No chance of it sliding off. Well, less chance, haha. After you dip it in, I gently tap for the excess frosting to run off. You can gently tap the stick on the bowl or you can hold the stick in your right hand, dip it, then take your left hand and tap your right hand. This sounds confusing but it’s a popular method for getting your excess frosting off.

I use a styrofoam square to pop them in to dry them and display them once done. When you lay them flat, the frosting will run to the back and not look real nice. Drying upright is best.
Emoji Cookies (6)

They will dry with a matt finish. They will also show the bumps of the Oreo through the frosting. You can do a second dip for a smoother finish. I choose not too since I do not like the end result to be overly sweet with too much frosting.
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4. Once dry you are ready for faces. I was hoping to use the edible markers to draw the faces on. This did NOT work. The candy melts finish is too waxy and the markers to not write on them. At all! (When you make sugar cookies with royal icing, edible markers draw on them like a dream). They do not however draw on candy melts like a dream. Here is where you have a few choices. You can melt other colors of candy melts, put it in a piping bag and get to work making the faces. I didn’t have the red or black, and you must keep this warm while working with it. I made a quick batch of royal icing and colored it black and red. I then put that in piping bags for the faces. The good is, you don’t have to keep it warm like you do the candy melts.
Emoji Cookies (8)

The batch of royal icing I made turned out more whipped, not smooth. This is good because it pipes out really easily but bad because the lines are not near as fine and detailed. They look more like cartoon emoji’s with whipped icing. Next time I’ll be more prepared and make a smooth icing for a more fine-tuned face look. And that’s just a preference and me being picky. Either way is completely fine.
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5. After they are completely dry. You can wrap them, twist tie and you are ready to go! Excellent party cookies for kids. Just a note – do not refrigerate to speed up the drying time. They dry quickly anyway. And taking them out of the fridge will cause a little condensation and will cause things not to set up right and possible color run.
Emoji Cookies (10)

I ended up with about 35 cookies with 1 bag of Oreos. 36 but 1 broke. Don’t worry though, I ate the evidence!
Emoji Cookies (11)

Good luck with your emoji cookies. Good thing about these is that they are so versatile that anyway you choose for the faces will turn out very cute. And very good ! They are a hit to anything I’ve taken them too.
Emoji Cookies (12)


Have you ever made emoji cookies?

What other cute treats are you making lately?

Any advice on better frosting choices for the faces?


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