Easter – Egg Painting & Dip

Hello Friends ! I’m back after a little ‘I got busy’ break.

So this year we tried out the plastic paint-able eggs. When you use real eggs, if you choose to keep them you either need to do the pin hole and blow the innards out (holy headache), keep them in the fridge (who see’s them in there) or throw them away because they’ll rot and stink soon.
Easter – Egg Painting & Dip

You can buy them ready to paint/dye now. They are great ! They painted really nicely. We didn’t dye any, so I’m not sure how well they do there. The only thing I didn’t like was that they have a slightly chalky’ish feel. And for me, it was too much like a chalk board which drives me insane !!!!  Otherwise, they were awesome. Ashlyn loved painting them.
Paint Eggs (1)

One of the things we made for Easter this year was a Bunny Dip Ball Thing !  It’s that common beef dip ball but we always shape it into a snowman for Christmas, we’ve done a turkey for Thanksgiving and the bunny for Easter is a new one.
Bunny Dip

What fun holiday food do you make?

Do you use real eggs or fake eggs? Paint or dye?

Do you have rain or sunshine today? (We have rain)


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