Dip Nails – Shout Out to Dipalicious

I just have to take a moment to love on Dipalicious Nails for a minute. Years ago I upgraded to Gel Nail Polish from regular polish and really liked it. Then a friend introduced me to Dip Nail Powders. I bought a cheap kit just to see if I even liked it before investing in too much. I did like it a lot but the cheap kit I had was indeed cheap. The same friend told me about several brands that were pretty good, one of them being Dipalicious. They are a small business out of Washington.

Dip Nails – Shout Out to Dipalicious

I love that the Base and Top Coat are one in the same instead of two separate bottles. I also love that it’s not as easy to contaminate and ruin it from your powders near as easily as my previous ones. So, I do love the product for sure, but what I want to stress on today is the company themselves. First, the package arrived with these stickers on it. How nice is that! I loved seeing this.

Dipalicious Nails (1)

Then inside gets better! Don’t mind this blurry picture I took with my cell phone. I didn’t realize it was blurry until I downloaded it. A quick handwritten thank you. Handwritten. As in, wrote by hand! I only have one other company that does that. Another nice sticker. Application instructions every time AND gummy bears! Good brand, fresh gummy bears! It’s just a nice happy surprise.

Dipalicious Nails (2)

I’ve ordered a top and base coat before from a different place and it came damaged. Yes, the mail system broke it, but it was also not packaged well. Until you have received a broken nail liquid, with very fine pieces of glass all over a highly fumed polish, you probably won’t realize the full extent of the mess. Trust me, it’s bad. That company did apologize and send me out a new one though. It arrived safe the second time, although it was packaged no better than the first.

Dipalicious though, packaged it very well! I was so pleased with how well and the extra care. It was inside a padded envelope, plus a box wrapped in more paper padding.

Dipalicious Nails (3)

This is the paper padding. It’s definitely protective.

Dipalicious Nails (4)

I was so darn happy. It’s sometimes the little things. haha.

Dipalicious Nails (5)

Kudos and much appreciation to the extra touch to protect these types of bottles and contents.

Dipalicious Nails (6)

Not only is this one of my favorite dip liquids but Dipalicious Nails is one of my favorite small businesses that cares about their customers. I have emailed them asking a question once and got a quick and friendly response back. Even though I didn’t show any in this post, the dip colors are great too.

Dip Nails – Shout Out to Dipalicious

Check them out! They have dip powders, dip liquids, gels, nail polish, nail art, tools and accessories, remover gel and more. They also have how to’s, instructions and tutorials on their website.

Do you use dip powders?

What are your favorite colors?

Are you a gel nail fan?



  • Jerinae July 27, 2022 at 9:46 am Reply

    This is such an honor. Thank you so much for this shoutout! I’m only happy when you are happy! Thanks so much for supporting my small business!

    • Everyday Snapshot July 27, 2022 at 1:07 pm Reply

      You are absolutely welcome. Thank you! The extra kindness and effort you put forth is definitely noticed and appreciated. I will always highly recommend you.

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