Deck – Lattice

We are getting a little further on our deck. We were going to leave the railings as is with just 2×4’s but we had to come up with something so the little’s don’t fall off. Our grandkids are almost 3 and just turned 1. We decided on white lattice panels.
Lattice (1)

Eventually when the wood dries out, we’ll be painting the railing white also. Buying the lattice white saves us from painting that, what a pain huh !! So it looks a little funny now but will look better when we paint the rest. We’ll be leaving the floor and steps be as natural wood since they’ll get heavy foot traffic. I don’t want it to look worn and have to repaint it and also don’t want paint chips in the pool if it would chip off. I’m the one that cleans so I think ahead on stuff like that.

Lattice (2)

The open end here is against the fence. You don’t really see it from anywhere else and there’s only about 3 feet of space between the deck and fence. We thought it would be a great place (under the deck) to store pool floaties when we are done for the day.

Lattice (3)

So there ya have it. One phase left. For completely winging it we are quite happy with how it’s turning out.

Lattice (4)

Upcoming projects…we just finished painting our bedroom. No picture’s yet, we have to finish getting a few side touches. Then our closet needs painting. Then Ashlyn’s room. Then the next big one coming up soon is our kitchen. We’ll be painting the walls of course but also painting cabinets, similar to our bathroom makeover. Then last but not least, we’ll be updating the flooring throughout the whole house.

What big projects have you done recently?

Do you have any coming up that you’d like to do?

Or do you stay far far away from DIY projects?



  • Cruella July 10, 2020 at 9:43 pm Reply

    Love it! Looks very nice!

    • Everyday Snapshot July 13, 2020 at 8:55 am Reply

      Thanks! Will look better and more completed when railing is painted. But it also provides a little more ‘coverage’ while up on the deck too since that’s sort of above fence level. So we may end up keeping it even after the littles grow up.

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