Cupcakes – Lunch – Sunrise

Lunch today was better than I expected. I had roasted peppers, tomato’s and salmon. All doused in olive oil, sea salt and garlic. I usually eat the peppers and tomato’s uncooked, but I’ve got to tell you, they were pretty gosh darn good this way.
lunch (9)

Ashlyn made cupcakes for her Dad’s birthday recently. She made them 95% herself. Interesting combination. Chocolate cupcakes, white frosting, with pink spray stuff, shiny six-let’s, topped with a squirt of Creamy Coffee Flavored Frosting.
cupcakes (1)

She definitely takes pride with each and every cupcake.
cupcakes (2)

Thankful this week for Toby’s pee schedule. This may sound odd, but Toby’s pee urge at this time of day makes me stop and enjoy the moment. Briefly anyway. I am one that pops out of bed, jumps in the shower, gets my coffee and starts my day. Every morning in there somewhere, Toby whines and scratches at me for a potty break. Frustrated with the interruption in my must-go-like-clock-work morning routine, I take him.  And every single morning this whole week, this is what we walk out on the deck too. Wishing I was already done, hair not in a turbine and coffee ready….I’d have sat out and enjoyed it longer. Instead, it only lasted as long as it took Toby to go potty. It’s not fair that sunrises and sunsets do not last longer. Pretty sad that since they are so quick, I don’t sit and enjoy them more often. That better go on a mental to do list.
sunrise 2

Do you ever take 5 minutes out of your day to just enjoy something like this?

Hope you are having a great week.  I encourage you to try those new foods, indulge in the cupcakes and enjoy those sunrises a little longer. I’m going to try also.

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