Christmas Tree Cutting

Cutting our Christmas tree down is something we do every year. The only problem with the last few years is that Devin isn’t here to do the hard work for us. So….we figured 6 years old is not too young to step up to the plate and start taking over Devin’s job. Actually, I do believe we had her do it last year too. Okay, so 5 wasn’t too young to start handling a saw. 

And look how excited she is about it. Maybe that’s because she doesn’t know yet.
tree cut (1)

tree cut (2)

Atta girl. Nice and low and even.
tree cut (3)

Right after I took this she stopped, turn around and yelled “Isn’t ANYONE helping me!”  haha    Nope, sweetheart, your doing fine.
tree cut (4)

But I’m a sucker, so look who’s helping and look who’s smiling now.
tree cut (5)

Mostly all homemade ornaments.
tree cut (6)

I think we are losing our help.
tree cut (7)

Beautiful. Over the next few days, the tree kept tilting over more and more. Jamie kept telling her “I’ll fix it later”.  Finally, she says, hands on hips, “Fine, I’ll just get a different Daddy to fix it”.  He fixed it.
tree cut (8)

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