Christmas Tree Cutting

This was one of the better weather years we’ve had for cutting our tree down. In previous years, some of you who have followed my old blog, know that we’ve had some massive sized tree’s before. This one is so tiny compared to those. We needed a table top/out of the way/don’t take up anymore space-kind of tree’s this year.

This tree farm maintains their tree’s so well. Literally every single tree is a good one. You just need to pick your size, because the shape is perfect.
tree cutting (2)

We have a winner !
tree cutting (3)

A and her Mama.
tree cutting (4)

A and her Daddy. Some days….I could put that rope around both their necks. (Hey, DCFS I was teasing!)
tree cutting (5)

Hey D, are you reading this? Now that you’ve bolted to another state on us, your little wittle baby sister has to cut down the tree, which was always your job, even if you never did pick that job willingly.
tree cutting (6)

All by herself…
tree cutting (7)

And walk uphill…in a snowstorm…barefoot….both ways….
tree cutting (8)

You maize well have just sent her to a sweatshop in China.
Don’t worry readers, D isn’t feeling guilty at all, he’s not buying my BS. Because he’s probably sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying the palm kind of tree’s, smiling and so relieved that he doesn’t have to cut the darn tree down this year.
tree cutting (9)

Isn’t this snowman tree the cutest thing ever?
tree cutting (10) 

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