Christmas: Santa – Buddy – Parade – Facepainting – Program

While visiting Santa, all was good with telling him things on her list.

Then he asked how her Great Grandpa So & So was? (see face below) Apparently Santa recognized us. Then he mentioned seeing her other Grandpa So & So getting coffee recently. Say WHAT? How does he know this.

santa 2016 (2)

Then before leaving he said “Tell your Aunt So & So I said Hi”. She was getting extra nervous and quiet now. So after we get outside she says “Well if he’s Santa, then why did he have to ask me what grade I was in, huh? I think he’s a fake anyway and he just knows Papa”.  Nice, real nice. Obviously, he’s a “helper” Santa because the real Santa is very busy this time of year.

santa 2016 (3)

Then we headed over the face painting lady. She is the best on the planet. Just love her. She does an amazing job and she’s incredibly nice to the kids. 

Cmas Face Paint  (1)

Cmas Face Paint  (3)

Cmas Face Paint  (4)

Cmas Face Paint  (5)

Cmas Face Paint  (6)

After a long and very cold wait in line, Ashlyn got her very first horse and carriage ride.

Parade (1)

They had train rides. One of these days she’s going to be too big for that barrel.

Parade (3)

Always a favorite to watch is the Christmas Parade.

Parade (4)

Parade (5)

Parade (6)

Parade (7)

This was our favorite. It was so good.

Parade (8)

Parade (9)

After Ashlyn’s Christmas program, we took a picture of her and Grandma. Without even knowing it, they wore very similar sweaters that day. Aside from Ashlyn’s cheesy smile, it’s a great photo of them.

program day with grandma

A couple weeks later, we went to one of our favorite spots and Santa was there too. But this time she said, “Mom, that’s a REAL beard. That might be him. He looks real”. I have to admit, some of these Santa’s do not put a lot in to it. They don’t help the children believe by far. This guy was so nice, and really talked to them. The Mrs. Clause was great too. Don’t know who they were, but I appreciate their ‘realness’ for the kids. It means so much at that age to believe as long as they can. It’s great Santa’s and Mrs. Clause’s like these, that help that as long as possible.

Coop (1)

And our favorite elf of all time ever….Buddy. LOVE BUDDY.

Coop (2)

Do you have Christmas festivity plans?

Do your kids still believe?

Do you love Buddy too?

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