Christmas Cookies

We made a few quick Christmas cookies today. We didn’t have a lot of time but wanted to make a few. Snowflakes seem appropriate with our current bad weather happening.

Christmas Cookies

Sugar cookies with royal icing always seem to be so much work. By the time we are done, I’m never really sure if they are worth it. But we seem to keep doing it. Haha.

Cookies Snowflakes Trees (1)

We just picked two. Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Cookies Snowflakes Trees (2)

I didn’t realize it until I looked at this picture, that the second tree on the bottom doesn’t have sprinkles! The only one cookie I forgot to sprinkle. I should probably eat that one!

Cookies Snowflakes Trees (3)

Normally we pipe all the frosting on, but we just used a butter knife to spread it on this time. Needed to speed things up today.

Cookies Snowflakes Trees (4)

Even in a hurry, they turned out pretty enough.

Christmas Cookies

And here is our tree.

Cookies Snowflakes Trees (6)


Did you do any Christmas baking this year?

What yummy treats did you make?

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?


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