Changing Blogging Platforms

Good morning everyone !!  I hope you are having a lovely day. 

Just an announcement that over the next week, things may be a touch screwed up here on the blog. 

I’m changing the platform that I run this blog on, and I’m just not sure how that change will go.  So you may visit this space and find it’s weird, wonky or non existent. Just know, that I am working on it. I do not expect it to go smooth, that way if it goes good, I’m pleasantly surprised. I do fully expect many, many f-bombs to fly though. Anyone is more than welcome to drop off booze next week, thanks in advance. White wine is my fave.


For you, the only difference is the appearance of the blog may look a little different. For me, behind the scenes, should make running the blog much better and easier. Not that it’s bad now, it’s just that sometimes there’s something out there that makes it better. 

Basically, I started out on a great beginner platform. I think now I’m ready for a big girl platform. This current one is just very basic and simple, which is fantastic!! It really is. I’m quite happy with it. But the new one has more. More options to make things bigger and better is all. 

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In a nutshell, expect the shit to hit the fan because realistically, nothing like this goes well for me. How’s that for positive attitude !!!  Haha.

But just wanted you to know, so if you visit here and it’s not right, looks messed up, or if it looks like the whole site is down, it is in the process of big changes. Please be patient and I thank you for your understanding. Please hang in there, don’t leave me, I’ll be back soon friends. 

Oh and once the conversion is done, I don’t even know how to run the new one yet !!  Learning curve coming too. F-bombs will guide me through it. 

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