Cell Phone Dump

A quick random little update with cell pictures.  Kind of funny what you collect on your phone over time. 

Playing games at the campground.  Please note all the matches she has, and all the ones on my side by the coffee cup.

This is a cute game called Cupcake Race. As you spin and go around, you gather your cupcake holder, the cupcake, the frosting and you earn sprinkles to stick in there along the way. Ending the game in the middle at the Party section earning your cherry on top.
games (2)

He kind of looks like an Anne Geddes baby.
spencer sleep 1

Here he just looks like a big baby hogging the bed and stuffed animal.
spencer sleep 2

Teeball has begun !
teeball (1)

teeball (2)

My neighbor made me this landscaping light. Since we have no landscaping, it’s on my porch. The top lights up at night.
turtle (1)

Really, really cute.
turtle (2)

At a restaurant, the waitress offered chocolate cake. The rest of us said absolutely not no way, too full. Ashlyn wanted one. Typically you get small pieces. Holy wow, this was big enough for the whole table !!!  And it actually looks smallish in this picture.

Picking up trash at the park, soccer and ball fields. She did it to earn a Girl Scout badge, but we usually do it every spring anyway.

Finally! We found a swimming suit coverup that zips !!!!   Hallelujah. It’s funny that most kids coverups are pullovers. Apparently the people who make these have never tried getting one of those on a wet kid.  Not the easiest. We were ecstatic when we saw this zip up one at Walmart. (Sorry, I usually dislike Walmart very much, but Target is too far away to go there all the time.)  So we got it a size big to fit longer, and I should have probably grabbed and extra one in the next size even.

swim wrap 


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