Cast Off – Summer Has Begun

The day is finally here. July 6th. Cast removal day. As you know, missing out on water activities was the hardest part for this girl. This picture is outside of the hospital right before her appointment to get the cast off. Notice what she’s wearing.  Swimsuit !! Ready to go. No time to waste when we get home.

I actually had this post all ready to go and thought I published it. But since this day, it’s been insanely busy with visiting old friends and swimming. Oops. What a slacker huh.

She brought her new kitty stuffed animal that she just got from the Tooth Fairy the night before. Whom she has named Chunk.
Cast Off (1)

There it goes !!!  It wasn’t as stinky and nasty as we were expecting from what people have told us. It was not pleasant and clean by far. Just not as bad as we had the impression of.  She kept both her casts as souvenirs.

Ahhh, look at that. It’s OFF.  Finally. Thankfully she still has half of her summer vacation left and this mishap didn’t ruin the whole thing for her.  You can take away softball, the summer park activities, basically all summer things and she’s fine with it except one thing. Swimming. You take swimming and the water activities away and it’s the worst kind of torture for this kid.
Cast Off (2)

The first jump in. There was no easing in to it that’s for sure.
Cast off Swimming (3)

There are a few restrictions from her Doctor. He said for the next 6 weeks…no scooter, no monkey bars, no trampolines.  Technically he never said no high dives !!!  (She is wearing a removable brace that she can get wet for extra support until she gets the strength and mobility back in that wrist/arm).
Cast off Swimming (1)-001

She swam and swam and swam.
Cast off Swimming (1)

This first day she was in the water about 9-10 hours !!
Cast off Swimming (2)

And has been in the water every single day since. We wake up swimming. We eat lunch swimming. And she ends the day swimming. Right up until the evening mosquito’s come out.
Cast off Swimming (4)

Little video of her first high board jump.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. We did do other dry land fun things while she had her cast on, knowing we’d be mostly water logged this second half of summer.

What are your favorite summer activities?

Did you have to miss out on any of them this summer?

You have swimming loving kids too?


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