Camping – One Time

Well we made it camping one weekend out of the whole camping season. Not great !!  The below pic is from when we got the best site that one time we did go (in our opinion).
Camping 2019 (1)

Just been a tad busy I guess to camp. We had a really wet Spring, a pretty cold Fall that ended it early and we swam and built a deck in the short little summer that we had.
Camping 2019 (2)

We fished and didn’t catch much.
Camping 2019 (3)

We still had the trails, swing set and bonfire to enjoy though.
Camping 2019 (4)

As the drizzly rain started (didn’t stop us though) Ashlyn and I still fished.
Camping 2019 (5)

Still sat and enjoyed our view while we played cards.
Camping 2019 (6)

And as the rain picked up, we enjoyed horse shoes. We don’t know any of the rules, so we make up our own.
Camping 2019 (7)

Hope the rest of you were able to enjoy more camping than we did this year.


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