Campground Youth Day

Our yearly visit to a local youth day at a campground. They have mostly the same activities from year to year, but will change up a few.

youth day (1)

Always a prize when you get there. Lunch for the kids and adults. And a ton of raffle ticket prizes. She won a really nice sleeping bag.

youth day (2)

Not sure if she truly likes minnow races or if it’s about the piece of candy the winner gets.

youth day (3)

She already knows how to cast, but was fun to see if she could make it in the hoola hoops. There were clay animal prints she got to make too, but failed to get a picture of.

youth day (6)

This is what she was looking forward to the most. Not me.

youth day (7)

Looking at these little micro snails. Amazing you can’t see them without the microscope. There were 6 in the dish.

youth day (8)

They also have fishing contests too but she doesn’t do that since we can go fishing anytime. She’d rather do all the other activities.

youth day (9)

Then one of the newer events they had was BB gun shooting. She’s never even held a gun before, so this was definitely new to her as well. The guys were really good and patient about showing the kids how to shoot and the important of safety.

youth day (4)

She did very well. She got 4 our of 5 balloons. Each kid got 5 shots total.

youth day (5)

We were both very excited when they announced that she made it to the final shoot out with all the boys !!!

youth day (10)

She got 1 out of the 3 shots allowed. Although she was very excited to do so well, she was pissed because the kids were sitting on the table with her at first and shaking it. Then the adults running it made them move and get off but she didn’t get to redo her shot. Oh well, she did fantastic anyway.

youth day (11)

Always a fun day. Hot one !!!  But fun.

What kind of youth days do you have in your area?

You have any little bb gun shooters in your family?

What did you do today?

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