Blue Jay Visiting

We’ve had a Blue Jay visiting us frequently lately. He’s been eating our fall decor !! Usually the little piggy squirrels would get the corn first. So I’m glad there’s been enough for this guy.

Blue Jay Visiting

He’s been doing this for several weeks now. I pull back the husk on the ears for him but he prefers to work on one until it’s all the way gone before starting a new one. But I guess in a way it’s like pizza. I wouldn’t quit eating one piece of pizza just to get another one. Kinda the same. haha

Blue Jay eating corn (2)

At first, he squawked SO LOUD if we were too close or he wanted in there and must have thought we should leave the scene.

Blue Jay eating corn (3)

Then, we were absolutely amazed at how quickly he got used to us. Not only did we continue to do our outdoor stuff but he’d swoop on in and get his corn no problem. Then, he actually starting coming when we were sitting in the porch chairs. Which is only approximately 6-10 feet from where he is at here.

Blue Jay eating corn (4)

I don’t know much about these birds but they sure are pretty !!

Blue Jay eating corn (5)

I hope you are enjoying your fall. It’s unbelievable that it’s already the end of October. I saw something pop up the other day on our local news that one year ago, yesterday, we had snow !! Yesterday was 74 !!  I’m grateful for that. We can prolong winter as long as necessary as far as my opinion goes.

Any Blue Jay’s in your neck of the woods?

Do the little piggy squirrels steal your fall decor?

Or eat your pumpkins???  I’ve heard of them doing that before too ! Little stinkers.


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